The Top 5 Book Advertising Sites

So, you’ve written your novel, you’ve edited it, polished it, proof-read it and finally, published it. You’ve gained a few reviews and a few sales. But you want to know how to reach more readers and – let’s face it – perhaps make a bit more money. So how can you do that?

Well, one of the key problems facing many indie authors (well, many authors, full stop) is the problem of visibility. How can people buy your book if they don’t know about it? One of the best ways of gaining readers – by word of mouth – is also one of the slowest.  You could try the old-school method of public relations and targeting traditional print media but this is a) notoriously expensive and b) might not actually sell you as many copies as you might think.

Or, you can utilise some of the many eBook advertising services that have sprung up over recent years to gain maximum exposure, rocket your book up the charts (hopefully) and gain a lot more readers.

Advertising services vary wildly in price, effectiveness and reach so I’m going to do a quick run down of the top five book advertising sites that have worked well for me.


The big one, the mac-daddy, the big Kahuna. Bookbub is the mahoosivest (actual technical term) eBook advertiser out there at the moment. I credit Bookbub with turning me into a full time indie author. The first advertisement I had with them (for a free book, no less – yes, it really is worth paying for advertising for a free book) netted me over one hundred and twenty five thousand downloads. As I had several other books out at the time, the percentage of those readers who had downloaded my free book through Bookbub and liked it enough to buy something else from me pushed my sales well into full time income. This is the key to doing well with a free book, by the way, it’s pointless paying for advertising if you have nothing else for those readers to buy!

Needless to say, Bookbub’s advertising prices are quite eyewatering (they have different prices for advertising different genres) but their mailing lists are enormous (in the millions) and you can almost guarantee that you’ll make your money back and then some. The other problem is actually getting a Bookbub ad in the first place. They are extremely choosy about the books they chose to advertise and you’ll probably be turned down more than once but have a read of their suggestions on submitting here and keep trying.

Reach more readers with book advertising sites

Reach more readers with book advertising sites


Freebooksy are great – they’ll take any length of book (including short stories), they have a respectably sized mailing list and the prices are reasonable. You also don’t need any reviews to advertise with them. If your book isn’t free, you can buy a Bargainbooksy advert instead which also generally works effectively.

Robin Reads

A relative newcomer but I’ve had some good results with their adverts. You don’t need a specific number of reviews but they do hand-curate their lists so your book must be of sufficient quality to be listed (but to be honest, that goes for most advertisers).


E Reader News Today, for the uninitiated. I’ve also had good results with them and they’re well established, having been around since 2010 (an eon in eBook terms!). Again, they don’t have a minimum number of reviews but your book must be full length.

eBook Booster

This is more of a time-saving method rather than an advertiser. EBook Booster will send your book submissions to over 45 free book advertising sites for $35. I always use them when running other ads, just to give the ad campaign a bit of extra oomph.


Just to let you know that Indie Author School will be a little bit quiet over the next month while I do my damndest to make sure my next book (Pulse: A Kate Redman Mystery Book 10) is published within my pre-set pre-order date. I’ll be back to weekly blogging and with some new courses coming up once Pulse is off my hands and in the hands of my readers 🙂

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