What, I hear you gasp, apart from this one? Hee hee… obviously I hope that one day soon Indie Author School will be a force to be reckoned with in the indie publishing arena but, as it’s currently still very, very new, here are five more established blogs and sites that are filled with heaps of great, free information for aspiring, new and established authors.

The Creative Penn

Brainchild of my mate Joanna Penn, one of indie publishing’s superstars, The Creative Penn is a blog, a bi-monthly podcast and an online course portal with almost everything you will need to kickstart your writing career. Joanna writes both fiction and non-fiction and her non-fiction books on ‘authorpreneurship’ are particularly valuable. Everything is written and presented in Joanna’s breezy, friendly style and you can immediately download a free ‘Author Blueprint 2.0’ pack to get you started.

The Alliance of Independent Authors

The closest thing that we indies have to a union. You can join ALLi at various levels of membership and access their excellent advice, partnership deals and connect with other authors on their Facebook group, also a source of great advice for people at all stages in their writing journey. ALLi also does a weekly round up of all the self-publishing stories in the media so it’s definitely worth signing up to their mailing list. They also accept guest posts on their blog so if you’ve got something interesting to say, why not pitch them?

David Gaughran

David is the author of two seminal non-fiction books on self-publishing, Let’s Get Digital and Let’s Get Visible, as well as writing fiction. Let’s Get Digital was instrumental in me taking the plunge into self-publishing in the first place. He is particularly hot on author’s rights, keeping a close watch and reporting on the shadier practices of some of the companies involved in the publishing industry, such as Author Solutions.

The Passive Voice

You get some lively debates going here, on all sides of the self-publishing arena. It’s a site that aggregates the best blog posts and articles across the net featuring both indie and traditional publishing. It’s been going for years so there are literally hundreds of articles to read on all aspects of publishing.

Kboards: The Writers’ Café

THE forum to start with, if you’re at all interested in indie publishing. Some of the biggest names in self-publishing have posted or still do post on here (Hugh Howey still drops in from time to time). There’s a list of the best/most useful threads at the top of the board, all of which are worth a read, and also a very useful director of writers’ services, with details of editors, formatters, proof-readers etc. The emphasis is more on the marketing side of the business, rather than the artistic, although obviously the craft of writing does get discussed. If you want to know anything about launching, branding, pen names, genre, productivity, marketing, advertising or, well, anything really, start here. And I’m on there now and again, so say hello!

These are just a few of the many great sites out there that will help you in your journey as an author. I’d love to hear your suggestions too so don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any others.

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